Lakemont Park with a Toddler- Altoona, Pennsylvania

10271577_10203216879001512_769629249579920583_nLakemont Park in Altoona is an amazing deal.  Only $5 for each person for the water park and the park!  We had a great day at the park.  If you bring your own meals you can have an inexpensive day.  We ate at the park and enjoyed the food.

I have to admit, some of the facilities are not kept up perfectly, but that did not matter to us.  We had a fun family day in the water and at the park.  When we went during the week there was no lines.  We enjoyed walking around the wooded area by the water too.  If we lived closer we would go more often, but paying for gas the the hour and a half drive makes it a little more difficult.

This park also has the oldest operating roller coaster in america.  Gentle enough for children!  This is an extra $5 fee but I am glad that I did it.

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